Application Portfolio Manager (APM)

Jan 5, 2023

This is an official prototype application developed by Rapid Prototype Design Unit(RPDU) - Enterprise Technology Division of Ontario Government. The goal was to develop a lightweight system application for managing, querying, and analyzing massive information from an enterprise level SQL database.

App Demo: see demo video



Tech stack

Application Portfolio Manager(APM) is a full-stack low-code application that entirely built on Microsoft PowerPlatform. UI and frontend portion was built with PowerApps, we utilized PowerAutomate to handle the workflow and customize API calls. And eventually all the data generated is stored in the Dataverse(a relational database similar to SQL Server)


A little background

Application Portfolio Manager(APM) was one of the essential projects that I've participated during my coop. One of our client teams is responsible for managing and maintaining tens of thousands of software/system data used accross the OPS, to replace traditional sharepoint and spreadsheets. Our team was requested to build a prototype, and introduce a lightweight system application by mapping the original APM database schemas on Dataverse. And on top of that develop a clear and easy-to-use UI for managing, querying and analyzing these data. This project is currently in 2nd stage of development.


Here are some of the features:

  • - Role based access control
  • - Admin can manage users profile and permissions
  • - User can perform basic CRUD operations for data
  • - Able to export excel reports and generate PowerBI dashboards
  • - Able manipulate complex data models and create new table fields
  • - Perform risk assessment and indicate risk score for each record (coming soon)